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We review many of the independent broadband and television studies and ratings to compile our our rating of the Television and Cable providers.  We reference the Federal Trade Commission, ACSI ratings, Rootmetrics, JD Power, Consumer Reports and more.

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If you are like me, I get very upset when I spend hundreds of dollars every month on Cable TV and Internet Access... only to have them constantly go down.  Sometimes, it seems I experience multiple outages in any given day.

So I decided to do something about it.  I said, why not create an online site where folks like me can vent and share our true experience with the Cable TV providers.

So voila... was born.

Use this site to tell people others what you really think of your Cable TV and Internet provider .

  • Rate their reliability...
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  • How is their Customer Service?
  • Are they Expensive?

It's time, we the consumer, start demanding more from our TV and Internet Providers.

Together... maybe we can force some changes and at least hold them accountable for poor quality, poor service and high prices.

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Help us build this review site.  Please take a moment and let us know about your own Cable TV and Internet Access experience.  Tell us what you love.. what you hate... and what should be done to fix your issues...

Thank You for sharing your experience and doing your part.   John

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