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Our Vision

To create a review site that accurately reviews and portrays the reliability, speed and prices of Cable television and Internet Providers in the US today.

Our Goal is to create a resource where people like you and I, can read reviews from actual customers and make an educated decision regarding Cable TV and Internet Providers .

Our Story

Every business has a beginning and this is ours.   I got another bill from my cable TV provider that once again was higher than the previous month's bill.

I didn't add or remove any services, yet it jumped another $20.  The Cable Company said, if you don't like then leave.

So I decided to create this site... and let the chips fall where they might 🙂


Meet the Team

We want you to know who you're doing business with on this site.  There are no robots, no algorithms... just a single  human being.




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The Heart and Soul of this Site

Without You as a member of our team, this site will not work


Little Bear

Because I Needed to Fill This Spot

My Grandson loves Bears... So I Hired Him to Protect the Site

Thanks for helping this site grow....

Because of people like you, this site should continue to grow.  The more honest reviews and ratings we get, the better decisions people can make when it comes to choosing an TV or Internet provider.

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