Online Review Content Guidelines and Goals

We are dedicated to publishing the customer feedback we receive.

This policy applies to all reviews submitted by visitors through our online platform.

MyCableService.Com will remove posts when we are alerted that there has been a violation of the following content policies:

Personal and confidential information: Posts that contain your or another person’s personal information, including phone numbers, addresses, credit card information, driver’s license, policy or claim information, etc.
Vulgarity: Posts that are obscene, profane, derogatory, inflammatory, or contain offensive language.
Threats: Posts that represent personal attacks or threats on others.
Hate Speech/Discrimination: Posts that advocate against groups of people based on their race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, or gender identity.
Off-topic reviews: Posts based on someone else’s experience, or that are not about the specific agency that you’re reviewing.
Advertising and solicitation: Posts containing advertising or solicitation will be removed.
Illegal content: Posts that contain or link to unlawful content.
Third-party content: Posts that contain materials that are by a third-party.
Misrepresentation: Posts that are submitted fraudulently on behalf of others or misrepresent the reviewer’s identity or connection with an agency.

Guidelines for Reviews:

The best reviews are accurate, passionate and personal. They offer factual information, a wealth of detail, and a helpful tip or two for other consumers. Here are some additional thoughts for conscientious reviewers.
Personal experience: We want to hear about your firsthand consumer experience, not what you heard from your co-worker or significant other. Try to tell your  story without resorting to broad generalizations and accusatory allegations.
Accuracy: Make sure your review is factually correct. Feel free to air your opinions, but don’t exaggerate or misrepresent your experience. We don’t take sides when it comes to factual disputes, so we expect you to stand behind your own review.
Review updates: Review updates should reflect a new experience or interaction with the business. Don’t just post negatives… post the positive things as well.

Our Overall Goal in Managing online reviews is to only publish the Truth.

Consumers rely on online reviews to make purchasing decisions. Businesses and review platforms need to manage online reviews to prevent consumers from being misled.

Genuine online reviews
Online reviews provide consumers with information about products, services and businesses based on the experiences of other consumers. Reviews may appear on a business’ own site, on social media or on a review platform. Review platforms are sites which specialize in presenting product reviews about a range of businesses. Consumers expect reviews to be independent and genuine to help them make more informed purchasing decisions.

Fake or misleading reviews
Businesses and review platforms that do not remove reviews that they know to be fake risk breaching the FTC rules and regulations. Reviews may mislead consumers if they are presented as impartial, but were written by:

  • the reviewed business
  • a competitor
  • someone paid to write the review who has not used the product
  • someone who has used the product but written an inflated review to receive a financial or non-financial benefit.

Tips for businesses: considers conduct such as the following to be misleading. You should not:

  • encourage family and friends to write reviews about your business without disclosing their personal connection with your business in that review
    write reviews when you have not experienced the good or service reviewed or which do not reflect a genuinely held opinion
  • solicit others to write reviews about your business or a competitor’s business if they have not experienced the good or service.
  • Offering incentives
    • Businesses that offer incentives to those who write positive reviews risk misleading consumers and breaching the CCA. Incentives should only be offered in exchange for reviews of your business (its products or services) if:
      • incentives are offered equally to consumers likely to be complimentary and consumers likely to be critical, and positive and negative reviews are treated the same
      • the reviewer is expressly told that the incentive is available whether the review is positive or negative
        the incentive is prominently disclosed to users who rely on affected reviews.
  • Disclosing commercial relationships
    Commercial relationships between review platforms and businesses may influence the overall rating of a business on the site. For example, a review platform may allow businesses that advertise on the site to select a review to appear at the top of the page or prevent negative reviews from being automatically uploaded. This may mislead consumers by creating an impression that the business received more favourable reviews than it actually has. Disclosing commercial relationships between review platforms and businesses helps consumers make better informed decisions about the business and its products or services.

Star ratings
The number of reviews which form the basis of an aggregated (e.g. star) rating may be relevant to the weight which a site user gives to that aggregated rating. If an aggregated rating system is provided, it is recommended that consumer review platforms disclose the total number of reviews that the rating is based on next to the aggregated rating (e.g. 3 stars, 24 reviews). Our goal is to eventually program all ratings to reflect the above.

We will try not Omit or Edit reviews unless they violate above policy… however we reserve the right to delete any post without notice or reason.
Businesses and review platforms that selectively remove or edit reviews, particularly negative reviews, for commercial or promotional reasons may be misleading consumers. If the total body of reviews doesn’t reflect the opinions of consumers who have submitted the reviews consumers may be misled.
Content moderation policies of review platforms ensure users and businesses have a clear understanding of when and why online consumer reviews will be removed. It is recommended that consumer review platforms make their policy for publishing and removing consumer content accessible to platform users.

We will try and Identify fake reviews and remove them
Businesses and review platforms may be able to identify fake reviews by those that are:

  • part of a significant spike in reviews about a particular business over a limited period of time
  • written from the same email or IP address as each other or as the business reviewed
  • written about the same business, product or service where the reviewers’ accounts are very similar for example, similar email addresses, user names, passwords or IP addresses
  • written in overly positive or “marketing speak” writing styles
  • written in the same language as other reviews of the same business or product.

The law says it’s OK to prohibit or remove a review that:

  • contains confidential or private information – for example, a person’s financial, medical, or personnel file information or a company’s trade secrets;
  • is libelous, harassing, abusive, obscene, vulgar, sexually explicit, or is inappropriate with respect to race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, or other intrinsic characteristic;
  • is unrelated to the company’s products or services; or
  • is clearly false or misleading.

If You are a Business or Recipient of a Review that you are contesting, please fill out the form located here

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